Rain rain go away, come again another day! A couple of weeks ago it was announced that we had a drought in most parts of England. Of course as soon as the news was out, it has been raining constantly and we have floods all over the place. In previous years April has been the best month but this year it is the wettest month for years!
Don't forget TED.com for practising your English. This is a truly wonderful site. If you are preparing for an examination with a listening component - like IELTS for instance - then you should be doing lots of listening practice. I would strongly recommend looking at TED.com and browsing through the list of topics. You can use the search facility to find something that you are interested in. Then just listen. If you have problems you can use subtitles in any of about 45 languages. There is an interactive transcript so you can read the transcript and play the video from any point that you choose. The cost of this? It's free! There are lots of sites which charge you money for similar services! If you haven't seen TED.com before then why not start by listening to Jay Walker giving a presentation about English learning? It's here.