Fame at last! Listening to a political discussion

Last week my favourite radio programme visited a town near me and I managed to get tickets. Even better than that,  my question was picked out  and I featured live on national radio to ask my question to a panel of national politicians.  Even more exciting, my question was the first one in the programme and that means that you only have to listen to the first few minutes of the programme to hear my question!!

If you want to practise your listening skills (and hear my question!) you should follow the link I will give you and you will hear:

1. The presenter saying hello and saying a few words about the town of Dartmouth where the programme is coming from.

2. The presenter introducing the  four members of the panel.

3. My question to the panel.

4. The politicans’ answer  to my question and then the rest of the programme.

The link to the BBC radio programme ‘Any Questions’ with Patrick’s question is here.