More academic listening

Today I am giving you a link to a website packed full of exercises with audio clips attached to them. When you look at the homepage for this site you need to scroll down the page and then you will see a title saying “Listening quizzes for Academic Purposes” and under this you will see lots of listening exercises on academic topics. One of the good things about this site is that it includes pre-listening exercises so you start thinking about the subject before you listen to the audio clip. Don’t just skip these pre-listening exercises. Language teachers (and I am one of them!) consider ‘prediction’ to be an important part of your listening and reading skills. You should get ready to listen or read by thinking about the subject and thinking about what you expect to hear or read about. You are then ready for the exercise and you can listen to these exercises online and answer the questions as you listen. Finally you can listen again and read the script so you can check the parts you didn’t understand. The site is called Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab and you can find it here.