The THEME ARCHIVE at the British Council website

At last it is getting a bit warmer here in the UK! The winter was the coldest for years with tons of snow, which is unusual for us – we even had a bit of snow in South Devon which is very unusual (it is called ‘The English Riveria’ where I live believe it or not!).

I’d like to tell you about THE THEME ARCHIVE at the British Council Website as a great place to visit to improve your English. Let’s take the topic of global warming – after all it’s always in the news and I guess we should all know more about it. If you go to the THEME ARCHIVE at the British Council website you can find an excellent article on this topic. What I like about the resource is the variety of activities available. Firstly, you can read the article and you can listen to it as well because there is an MP3 audio file with it. You can look up words in an online dictionary really easily by just double clicking on any word and its definition comes up. There are accompanying comprehension exercises and you can write in to give your comments about the article and read what other English learners think about it too. Start exploring this resource by looking at this reading on Aeroplanes and Global Warming here and doing all the activities that go with it.