Back to work after the Christmas holidays – it must be time for thinking about presentations! There are so many things to say about doing a presentation that it is hard to know where to start. I remember this time last year making a few comments about choosing an interesting topic, or a topic with an interesting angle and have already suggested to students that they don’t talk to me about the health risks of smoking! (Are you really going to tell me something NEW?)
Whatever topic you eventually do, you should realise that when someone marks your presentation they are going to give you some marks for the content of your presentation and some marks for the presentation and delivery of your presentation. Even if you choose a terrible topic if you structure it well and deliver it well you will be improving your chances of a better mark! Take a look at this video from The Higher Education Academy about how to structure a presentation. It is very accessible because it is produced for international students. Then use the structure in your presentation!. It’s here.