Videos for practising IELTS speaking

The UK has been enjoying spectacular spring weather for a while now. This must make it even harder for holidaymakers who went abroad and got stuck because of the volcano flight chaos to come to terms with their spoilt holidays. If only they had stayed here! Of course the travel insurance companies are now going to try and avoid paying people for the money they have lost through this. I read in the paper that lots of insurance companies are saying that they won’t pay because there is no mention of ‘volcanoes’ in the policy wording. If insurance isn’t for an unforseen disaster, then what’s it for?! The other thing dominating the news in the UK is the General Election which, for the first time in many years, has become genuinely exciting because no one knows who is going to win. It looks like we might have what is called a ‘hung parliament’ when no single political party is in overall control of parliament. This is very unusual in the UK and we are not sure how it will function if this happens.

I am continuing to look for IELTS resources on the Internet and here’s one today from Australia Network – Passport to English. There are some new tips about how to handle the speaking component of the IELTS test with some nice examples which show you the kind of thing you can expect when you go into the test. Improve your knowledge of the IELTS speaking test here.