Hundreds of programmes with vocabulary, audio and scripts!

It has turned cold again in the UK. But it is the start of February and in my part of the country, south Devon, we can see the first signs of spring with daffodils starting to shoot up. It can’t come soon enough for me!

I have been enjoying the archives of the BBC World Service Learning English website and (again!) I am amazed at how much there is. When I see the wealth of material they have here I think people must be mad to go and pay other websites for English language learning materials. In the archive section of the BBC World Service website they have a bank of all their old radio programmes. These are organised into the following categories: People and Places, Entertainment, London Life and Weekender. Within each of these categories there is a huge number of programmes on a wide variety of topics. Each of these programmes has an introduction with some general comprehension questions to listen for, vocabulary with definitions and explanations, the audio file to listen to the programme and the script for the programme too. I couldn’t think of a better way to improve a language than to find an interesting topic and read, listen and study using these ready made resources. These archived resources are here.