International Student Help

I’m very interested in what students from overseas find difficult when they study in English, but the truth is that students (like everyone else!) don’t like to admit it when things are very hard. For this reason many overseas students worry a lot on their own, or end up in a group of students from their own country complaining and worrying together! There are some things that you can do to try and make things easier for yourselves and one of them is to read this study skills site set up by Palgrave (who will try to sell you a book!). I don’t think that this site will save your life, but I think it may introduce you to some ideas that you can make use of. Even just the reading in English will improve your reading skills. Realising that you are not the only one with difficulties is often a great help and these sorts of sites often make students feel better just because of that. The skills4study site is here.

I have also put a new link in my permanent list of Links I enjoy on the right-hand side of the page. The link is to The Purdue Online Writing Lab which is a really impressive collection of materials and exercises to improve your writing and grammar. I’ll be choosing some specific exercises from here very shortly but meanwhile you can start to have a look around it.