Prepare for success with Prepare For Success

It may still be August and you may still be enjoying the summer holidays but if you are starting at university this autumn and you are an international student then you should be seriously thinking about what you can be doing to prepare yourself for university. Even if you are confident with your English you shouldn’t underestimate the difference between the educational culture of your country and the country you are going to study in. When you are at university you will be expected to do a lot of study on your own, to read widely, take notes, take part in seminars, give presentations, write essays and reports……the list goes on! Students are often poorly prepared for university and don’t know what is expected of them, how to present their work and how to behave in tutorials, seminars and lectures. Give yourself a good start by working through the best university preparation materials available on the internet. These materials, called Prepare for Success have been developed by the University of Southampton and you can access them here.