Making a timetable for your work

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I have talked to lots of students recently about writing their dissertation. You might think that you have a long time to do it – you do not! One strong piece of advice that I would give to students working on a big piece of work is to have a timetable for your work. It might start something like this:

Week ending By this date I should have… Notes
24th Jan Confirmed the topic with my tutor
31st Jan Identified my primary sources
7th February
14th February
21st February
28th February
7th March
14th March
21st March
28th March
3rd April Reread and checked it through and handed it in!

If you fill out a timetable  like this now you will not leave everything to the last minute. Of course you can adapt the timetable as you go along, and this process of adapting it will lead you to be continually monitoring your progress.

As usual I also have a very useful link for you about dissertation writing from Reading University here.