Proofreading your written work

Having been back at work for two weeks it seems like the holiday never happened! However, my day was brightened up by the news story I heard about Samoa (which I think is a small island country in the Pacific) where they are switching over from driving on the right hand side of the road to driving on the left hand side of the road! Imagine the chaos on the day when the switch over happens. We will have to follow this news story to see what happens on the fateful day! Read the story here.

Today’s link is for students who need some practice in proofreading their work. This is coming now because some of my students are handing in a report which they have written. Have you checked your work carefully? Think about the type of mistakes that you frequently make. Some of the main mistakes that overseas students make are ones with articles (the or a or neither!), or singular and plurals, and subject verb agreement. Lots of students tell me that if they search for ONE type of mistake at a time then they find more mistakes that they have made. This means that you need to be very aware of what type of language errors you are in the habit of making.

Today’s link will give you some tips and practice in finding English grammar mistakes. It comes from the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies Materials Bank and can be accessed here.