The pace of modern life

Is the pace of modern life too much for you? Then you might be in the UK!

Thank you for all your emails about the royal baby. Some of you thought that I was not happy enough about the baby! Some of you thought that I should have said more about it. Some of you asked why I was talking about it at all! Well, this website is about Academic English, Advanced English, and British Culture - the topic of the royal baby certainly appeals to many people who are interested in learning about the culture of the UK. I said that the royal baby would never be called Wayne and one reader asked for similar names to Wayne. So similar boys' names are: Shane, Dean and Gary.

Today on the BBC website I read a very interesting story about the pace of modern life in the UK compared with Denmark. In the UK we are always hearing about how great life is in Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). I'm not joking! Whenever we hear about problems in things such as schooling, health, child care, and so on, we are always told about how things work in Scandinavia and how they have great systems to make everything work well. Here's another example in this article: Denmark has scored the highest in the UN's first World Happiness report. Danes work less than the British, have a higher proportion of women in work than the UK and have a more equal society.

Read about the British 'rat-race' versus the Danish more relaxed approach to life here in the BBC magazine.