Why the long face? The English we speak podcast!

Once a student asked me why I posted things about everyday English on my website for Academic English. I explained that I thought that you couldn’t hope to improve your Academic English without improving all aspects of your English. If you work on your everyday spoken English skills this is going to have a positive … Read more

Academic English podcast

Happy New Year to all English for University.Com readers around the world! The start of a new year is a good time to start some new habits – and you might be looking for new ways to improve your English. In this post I am going to remind readers about the Academic English podcast published … Read more

Are there any lectures I can watch online?

Someone said to me today ‘I’d like some lecture listening practice. Is there anywhere I can find lectures online, Patrick?’¬† The answer is yes! Here are a few sites to check out: Princeton University: Archived lectures online Academic Earth British Academy Lectures online Free lectures from Imperial College, London Webcasts from University of California Berkeley … Read more