Using abbreviations in your notes

Taking notes It must be time to get back to work. The news is full of politics again and that means the summer is over! There will be no more stories of lions running around the countryside or other ‘silly season’ news articles. Today’s news is full of the UK Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle which … Read more

Taking notes: practice yourself!

Taking notes Taking notes from lectures and from your reading is a very important academic skill that you will need to practise if you are going to get good at it. On Academic English courses your teachers will give you a lot of practice in this skill in the classroom by making you listen to … Read more

English for Conferences

As you all know, I spend a lot of time hunting for good resources for Academic English students on the internet (yes, I need to get out more, but the weather has been awful!) and I’ve been taking another look at the material offered by Warwick University in the UK. I don’t know much about … Read more

Language for groupwork

In my last post I talked about understanding the importance of the process of groupwork, not just the product that comes out of the end of  it (here).  In fact, there is a product at the end of groupwork, but it isn’t the product that most students think it is. Most students think the important … Read more