Listening practice: The Listening Project from Radio 4

In the UK we like to talk about our ‘national treasures’. These are things that we value very much. These can be things, places, institutions, even people, that a lot of people like a lot. Radio 4 is an example of a national treasure – a lot of people listen to this speech based radio … Read more

Listening practice: Setting up a business

I have been surfing the internet and again I am amazed at the stuff that is available for practising your English language skills! Of course some sites want to take your money off you, but I think there are plenty of things you can find without paying any money at all. Some sites give some … Read more

I can’t understand my lecturers!

A few of my overseas students have been telling me that they are finding it difficult to understand their lecturers. I feel for you! Whilst the British students are just having to cope with the new ideas from the lecturer which in themselves might be challenging, the overseas students are having to cope with understanding … Read more