The Reith lectures with transcripts

In 1948 the BBC started a series of lectures called the Reith lectures, named after the first director-general  of the BBC. Now every year the BBC asks a prominent scholar to deliver four lectures on behalf of the BBC. The lectures are usually prepared to be of interest to every day educated people and often … Read more

Captioned videos

If you are thinking ‘Patrick hasn’t posted anything for a long time’ then you’d be right! That usually means that it has been particularly busy at work and yes, it is marking time again. But, better late than never as the saying goes. Readers who are interested in Britain may have been following the General … Read more

My Graduation

Hi, my name is Sophie, I have finished my degree in Geography and I graduate today. My ceremony starts at 10am so I’m off now to collect my robes and to meet my family on Plymouth Hoe. I’ve really enjoyed my time at university and I’ve made the most of everything it has to offer. … Read more