The wettest January ever!

The wettest January ever British people often complain about the weather. Now, finally, we really do have something to moan about. Last month was the wettest January ever – well since records began – which is a pretty long time! Thousands of people have been flooded out of their homes and we have lost our … Read more

Should the government expand Heathrow?

Should the government expand Heathrow? Should the government expand Heathrow airport? Students who want to improve their English language skills and are studying business and finance based subjects (like mine!) should definitely be following the debate around Heathrow expansion. I was talking to my Chinese students the other day and they couldn’t believe that Heathrow … Read more

Don’t ignore your grammar!

Don’t ignore your grammar I’ve just read an interesting newspaper article about students being taught grammar and guess what? It’s a good idea! The interesting thing is that most students who are learning English instinctively feel that knowing about grammar is a good thing. However, over the last few decades grammar has gone out of … Read more