English pronunciation: V is not the same as W!

‘V’ is not pronounced the same as ‘W’ This post is about the difference between V and W in English. The reason I am writing about this is because I have been making a lot of comments about the English pronunciation of my international students. I’ve been noticing that many students do not distinguish between … Read more

English is a stress timed language

English is a stress timed language I’ve been listening to a lot of student talks recently. Often the content of the talks that I listen to are very good, but the content is difficult to get to because the pronunciation is poor! And the more I listen the more important I think it is that … Read more

A video-based pronunciation dictionary

Spring is on its way! In South Devon we had a truly sparkling Sunday with everybody out in their gardens enjoying the weather and looking at the green shoots coming through. Winter is nearly done! I have been spending time looking at a website designed to help people with their English language pronunciation – and … Read more


I don’t think I have ever written a post about pronunciation! It’s a difficult area to focus on in class because different students from different language backgrounds have different problems. Students often get self-conscious about their pronunciation and in class if a student can’t get the sound right then he or she loses even more … Read more