Speed reading

One of the things that you have to do at university is read. A lot. Probably you take a look at your reading list which you are given and your heart sinks. How will you ever read everything that you are meant to read? Well, the first things to understand that you don’t have to … Read more

Journal articles are Academic English!

Students generally don’t read academic journal articles. (Well, for that matter, how many people do?) The thing is, these journal articles show you exactly what Academic English really is. The reason students don’t generally read journal articles is that they don’t know where to find them and if they do find one, then it is … Read more

The SQ3R Reading Method

It must be autumn because I have taken my boat out of the water for the winter and there has been a stock market crash! The SQ3R is a strategy for effective academic reading which has been around for decades. It is all about standing back and looking at the outline of the text you … Read more