Can I use ‘I’ in my essays?

I have been meeting new international students at university all week – how exciting to see you all! I was advertising our English Language Centre at a session for new students and I met a new American student who said that she couldn’t understand anything on the street in Plymouth! She said that when the … Read more

Proofreading your written work

Having been back at work for two weeks it seems like the holiday never happened! However, my day was brightened up by the news story I heard about Samoa (which I think is a small island country in the Pacific) where they are switching over from driving on the right hand side of the road … Read more

It is bank holiday weekend in the UK. This means that the weather is awful and we huddle inside our houses looking out at the rain saying things like “Typical! Just look at the weather!” The worst of it is (there’s a good phrase for you ‘the worst of it is’) that there are no … Read more