Studying in Australia? Ask your teacher about the cricket!

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Being English means getting used to losing in sport and last week was no exception. We English thought that we really had a chance of winning the bid to host the 2018 World Cup. It was a disaster! We found out after the vote that only one other country voted for us! And this was after David Beckham, Prince William and the Prime Minister spent several days lobbying (trying to persuade) the FIFA delegates to vote for us. We won’t see the World Cup in England for many years yet. However, all is not lost! The English cricket team are currently playing in Australia and for a change we are hitting them all over the place. If you are an overseas student just go and ask your teachers ‘How’s the cricket going?’ and watch their faces fall. It doesn’t happen to us very often, so we have to enjoy it while we can.

Just occasionally I link to the same set of resources in subsequent posts because I think there is a lot to say and I like them. I’ve been looking through the videos that I linked to last week and have particularly enjoying the one on Making the most of your learner’s dictionary. Nigel Caplan at the University of North Carolina has really put together some excellent resources using CourseCast which allows lecturers to put lectures and slides online easily. Many students of mine do not even have a good learner’s dictionary! You have paid thousands of pounds to come and study in the UK but you won’t pay another £20 for a good dictionary! This is like buying an expensive new car and then refusing to buy insurance for it! Get yourself a good monolingual learner’s dictionary and watch Nigel’s talk on how to how to get the most out of it here.