Complex structures in academic English

One month into the lockdown in the UK and there are signs that people are going stir crazy. So there's a good new phrase for you if you don't know it - if you are stir crazy you are stuck in somewhere and you are desperate to get out. The government is beginning to worry that Brits are getting fed up and starting to go out again and if you look at this photo taken in London at the weekend you would think that there was no lock down at all going on:





Folks, don't forget:

I'm very happy today because I have come across some excellent online academic English materials from Griffith University in Australia. They have made a good number of accessible youtube videos on a range of academic English topics, including PARAPHRASING, TEXT TYPES, REFERENCING, ACADEMIC VOCABULARY, to name just a few. The one I have been looking at in some detail today is about COMPLEX STRUCTURES. The youtube video shows in detail valuable input about simple and complex sentences and moves on to more complex structures. There are a number of high quality videos to look at and below the videos there are practice exercises. Below the practice exercises you can see a table of all the content there is for you! Wow! All for free! Thank you Griffith University!

You can find the resource here:


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