Asyraf is a hero!

Many of you may have heard about Asyraf Haziq. Asyraf is a Malaysian student studying Accountancy in London. He was caught up in the London riots earlier this week and mugged. Asyraf had an unpleasant experience and thousands of people have watched his ordeal online on Youtube and other sites so he has become famous. What a guy! The way that Asyraf has dealt with his experience is very impressive indeed. I think that I would find it hard to talk to reporters on national TV but Asyraf has done it brilliantly. He even manages to show compassion towards his attackers. I wish Asyraf a speedy recovery and I hope that other international students are not put off Britain because of what happened to him. As Asyraf still says, ‘Britain is great’.
Read about Ashraf below or on The Guardian site here.