IELTS: Writing

Information about the writing part of the IELTS exam

There are two parts to the IELTS writing paper.

Part One
In part one you have to look at a graph, or a diagram, or a table, or a picture of a process and present the information in your own words. You are told to write at least 150 words and to spend about 20 minutes on this question. The exam is testing your ability to describe data or a process, or explain how something works.

Resources from English for University. Com:

Writing Part One:  Sample Question and Answer

Writing Part One:  Phrase bank

Part Two
In part two you are asked to write a longer academic essay on a topic. You need to present an argument and discuss ideas. The exam is testing your ability to present and weigh up arguments in an academic style.

Cohesion and coherence in writing




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