Climate change

Resources for improving your English language skills through the issue of climate change

Activity 1: Introductory reading and vocabulary

This is the best introduction to climate change that I have ever read. It is written by the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College, London.
Here's a big list of vocabulary that readers need to be able to recognise (but not necessarily learn to produce!) with some comments from me. You need to think about which words YOU want to be able to use yourself and just choose those ones to actively learn and use.

carbon dioxide emissions
to attribute to
thermal energy
poleward extension of plants
preliminary indications
quantitative information
future scenarios
adapt / adaptation
to mitigate
sustainable technologies
carbon sink
to impose
stock piling
to overcome
to refine

The pdf file entitled Climate change: A short introduction is here.

Activity 2: Reading, vocabulary and listening

This is an interesting progression from the last activity. In this activity which comes from the British Council 'Learn English' site you will check vocabulary and listen to an expert talking about climate change.
These activities are here.

Activity 3: Reading: Are we responsible for global warming?

There doesn't seem to be much doubt about the process of global warming, however there is a debate about how far WE are responsible for it. Could it be a long term event (over hundreds and thousands of years) that humans cannot effect? Or is it caused by the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?
This accessible text discusses this aspect of the climate change debate. It comes from Learning and Teaching Scotland.

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