Should the government expand Heathrow?

Should the government expand Heathrow airport? Students who want to improve their English language skills and are studying business and finance based subjects (like mine!) should definitely be following the debate around Heathrow expansion. I was talking to my Chinese students the other day and they couldn't believe that Heathrow only has two runways. Two! So we talked about the possible expansion of Heathrow. there are lots of aspect to this issue: the business argument, the travel argument, the environmental argument...Should we make Heathrow bigger or should we expand a different airport? Or build a new one somewhere else entirely? Or do nothing and try to cut down on polluting air traffic? It's a great debate in the UK and you can improve your language skills by following it!

Here you can listen to the mayor of London Boris Johnson talking to about the debate. Just stop and think for a moment: do you think the mayor of London would be in favour or against the expansion of Heathrow airport? After you've had a think practise your listening skills. Look at the questions below to guide your listening and see if you can answer them:

Questions to guide you

  1. Why is it important to have a hub airport?
  2. Does Boris support a third runway at Heathrow?
  3. Who agrees with Boris?
  4. What options does he think are possible?
  5. What has the Prime Minister agreed to do?
  6. What are the benefits of solving the airport problem?
Your link to the speech is here!

Answers in the next post!