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Academic writing This page lists articles to improve your academic writing skills          What is Academic English? Abstracts – how to write an abstract Academic phrases for essay writing Cautious academic language Cohesion – making your writing flow Conclusions – how to write your conclusion to an essay Conclusions – how to write your conclusion … Read more

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Developing a paragraph This page shows the importance of structuring and developing ideas within a paragraph Developing a paragraph is essential in academic writing. The example paragraph shown below comes from an essay discussing capital punishment.  (You can see the complete essay here if you want.) This paragraph discusses the arguments in favour of the death penalty: … Read more

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OK, I know it has been ages since my last post. This means that things have been hectic at work – and if you’ve guessed that hectic means very busy, you’d be right! I am going to look back at the example academic essay that I posted a couple of weeks ago and talk about … Read more