Good luck with your summer course

Here in the UK it's time for tennis! Every summer the British get terribly excited about tennis for two weeks during Wimbledon - and then we forget about it for the rest of the year! It is traditional to moan (complain) about how bad British tennis players are, except these days we have a very good one in Andy Murray. So this year we might get a British winner.....

Lots of students are starting their English language summer courses in universities across the UK this week. Good luck! Now that summer courses have started it is time to start writing posts again. This message is to advise students to make the most of their summer course. Remember that this time during your summer course is the only time that you are going to get when you can focus on your language. After the summer course finishes you won't have time to think! Read about how to get the most out of your pre-sessional course here!

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