Death by Powerpoint

It is with some trepidation that we enter the presentation phase of our Academic English course at my university. I will be sitting through a great number of presentations over the next couple of weeks and every single presentation will use Powerpoint. That’s OK, in fact in this day and age people are expected to have audio visual aids and I don’t have anything against Powerpoint. However, Powerpoint which is badly used can work against you. Top three crimes using Powerpoint are:

1. To fill your slide with a paragraph and read it! Why would anyone listen to you if they can read it??

2. To have too many slides! You may like the pretty pictures but every slide should have a reason for being there. If in doubt, take it out!

3. Spelling mistakes! Use spell check on your slides!

This Youtube video about bad powerpoint presentations is great, and much more fun than listening to me or your teacher:

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