Achieving your personal goals

This article discusses ways of focusing and achieving your goals

“In order to succeed your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure”.

I think this says a lot - how often is it that we don’t do things because we think we might fail? Let me share a personal development technique which has helped me to achieve some of my personal aims.

I find a quiet room where I can think on my own for a few minutes without being disturbed. (You can do this in the university library!) Close your eyes and visualise yourself. The person you visualise is the perfect you. What is this person like? What habits does this person have? What does this person own? What is their job? What personal relationships do they have?

When you have built up this picture you can start to make sentences to describe this person. The sentences must begin with the phrase: I want to be someone who ….. for example: I want to be someone who doesn’t smoke. Or I want to be someone who is rich. When I do this I come up with many sentences, new ones each time! You then have to work out how you become this person you imagined. This is the essential step: what do you have to do in order to become the person you want to be?

I have found this a powerful technique for making me realise that there are things that I should be doing. (Like finishing my dissertation!) This technique helps me get through tough times. I once had a difficult job that I didn’t enjoy. What kept me going was the knowledge that the job would finish some time, and that by doing the job I was going to get a better job later on, and I would be able to become the person who I wanted to be.

Good luck with achieving your personal goals!

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