Studying in the UK: Sana

Listen to Sana talking about studying in the UK

Here's Sana from the University of Plymouth talking about her accommodation:

Hey everyone, my name is Sana, I’m 21 years old and I’m a Medic here at Plymouth. I live in halls, I’m the assistant warden here, I love it. So this is where I live! This is our kitchen, really where we hang out just like home really, where we cook spend most of our evenings We don’t really have a lounge here so it’s where we hang out, eat, cook for each other, Christmas dinners..
Only downside is we don’t have our mums to do our washing up for us. So this is the bedroom. This is where I spend quite a lot of my time during the day of course you’ve got your bed, and then all your shelving area, more than enough space for all my books, of course I’m a medical student and I love to read and I need to have all my books.
It’s really quiet and the wardens make sure it stays quiet when I’m studying and during exam periods and things internet is free which is a great advantage because often I sit and check my mail whenever I want, in the middle of night or first thing in the morning. The only thing I have to pay for is the TV licence. More than enough wardrobe space for all my shoes and clothes which helps, really helps. The best thing about my bedroom of course is my ensuite. Perfect for one person. Nothing more than you really need. That’s a little tour of my room.
Halls are great when you’re in the first year, because you’re all in the same boat, you’re all scared so you make friends instantly. Howard are you ready? Cleaning isn’t really a problem, I mean we’ve got a domestic who comes in twice weekly to do our kitchen and the corridors. For our individual rooms of course we’re given a vacuum cleaner and a mop bucket, they’re our responsibility. You don’t want to make the cleaner angry though, you get fined. So washing up we do ourselves.
One of the best things of living in halls is student village reception, they deal with everything from broken lights to billing. It looks like today I’ve got my parcel. Only across from where I live. It takes me less than a minute to get here.
Of course one of the best things about Plymouth University is how the halls are right in the city centre, shopping is two minutes down the road, bus station, train station, anything you really want is within two minutes distance, my lectures – all I have to do is cross the road, I love living here, it’s the perfect mix of support and independence you really need when you first leave your parents. If I could I’d live here all my life!

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