Listen a minute

“One minute a day is all you need to improve your listening skills.” So says Sean Banville, author of Breaking News English and Listen A Minute (just two of his sites!). Sean Banville is one of those people with such extensive websites (like Larry Ferlazzo I mentioned the other day) that you wonder how they … Read more

Don’t wear your pyjamas to Tesco!

Everybody has been talking about going shopping in pyjamas! There’s a branch of Tesco in Cardiff, Wales, which has got fed up with people shopping in their pyjamas and has banned shoppers who are wearing them! I very much enjoyed listening to the woman complaining ¬†about being banned from the shop. As she says, ‘I … Read more

Inspiring talks from TED!

When I overheard some people talking about I thought ‘With such a short catchy name it has to be a great website!’ And guess what? It is! This is a quick post (OK, it’s late and I’m tired) but I really wanted to get this site out there, especially for my summer school students … Read more