Finding your feet at university

Wow! The British are doing something new - winning at sport! Last week a British man won the Wimbledon tennis championship for the first time in 77 years (and we are all very excited about that!) and today the English cricket team beat the Australians in the first test match. If you are interested in learning about British culture then you need to know about the importance of Wimbledon and the Ashes cricket competition (that's the game between England and Australia every two years) to the British. I know it's a generalisation - many people are not interested in sport at all - but these are a couple of things that many people will be following.

It's difficult to find your feet when you go to a new place, and starting at university in a new country is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. One of the things that is really hard is knowing how to talk to your teacher - do you say 'doctor' or 'mister' or 'miss'? Well, in most universities you just use their first name! This may sound rude to you, but this is normal practice. This time last year I wrote a list of phrases to help international students at university and you can find these phrases here.