The sun has been out this week and we have had record March temperatures in the UK! But now that the schools have broken up for the Easter holidays of course the weather is changing and we can expect cold and rain until it’s time to go back to the classroom! That might not be a bad thing because students at my university in Plymouth are starting to think about their end of year exams already and the good weather can be very distracting.

Meanwhile, as everybody is talking about the fee increase at universities in the UK I am more interested than ever in finding good learning resources for free. I have been looking at some of the free courses available at The Open University in the UK. The fees here are going up too (boo!) but there are still some things that you can access without paying (hurray!). If you are an overseas student studying in the UK you should definitely be interested in these courses:

Am I ready to study in English?

How to be a critical reader

Paraphrasing text

Summarising text