Newsademic: get your FREE 12 months’ subscription here!

Sorry readers, this offer is over now.

Regular readers will have heard me talking about Newsademic before and I have some pretty exciting news about this great resource. Newsademic is a newspaper which comes out every two weeks and covers the latest international news. It comes out in a PDF and HTML format and is written in English that language learners can understand. It is produced in both British and American English and readers can choose which version they receive. Each issue also has a glossary puzzle that is useful for learning new words.

Newsademic was originally targeted at younger native English speakers. However, the owner of Newsademic tells me that he has been surprised at the number of English language students, all around the world, who now use it. What’s more, as it features international current events students can learn additional useful information which they may already be following in their own language in newspapers and television and radio news broadcasts.

The good news is that Newsademic is offering English for University. Com readers (yes, that’s you!) a free subscription for 12 months! 12 months of a free newspaper! And if you don’t like it, just cancel it! You’ll also get access to some online features and be able to enter quizzes and competitions, if you wish to.