If you are a football fan you will have been very interested in the World Cup draw which took place the other day. My national team, England, have got what most people think is quite an easy group, with the USA, Algeria and Slovenia. Our Italian manager was trying not to look too pleased at the result of the draw. I have to say that I have been impressed at the manager’s English: it seems only a few months ago Capello couldn’t understand or say anything in English but now he takes questions and answers them (with an interpreter standing beside him, just in case!). But does he know how bad the English team can be?!

I’ve been taking a look at videojug. It’s rather like youtube. The downside is that it seems to have lots of advertisements. However, it has a lot of good content if you can look beyond the ads. Pat Maier is a Learning and Teaching Coordinator at the University of Southampton who has done lots of work on study skills and this video has her talking about what you should do when you get an essay title. Watch the video here.