I have posted about Yappr before. It’s a website using video clips for learning English. I’ve been having a look around it and I think you should too. There’s a huge range of videos on all sorts of subjects. So what? Well, at Yappr they have put subtitles to all the videos so you can listen and read at the same time. That means that you can search for a video on a subject that you are genuinely interested in and then use videos on that subject to improve your English skills. The subtitles show you what is being said and there are easy to use REPLAY buttons and PLAY AGAIN buttons. The feature I am most impressed is the CLEAR VOICE button – when you press this then you can hear the same line in the video spoken carefully in a clear voice. Then you can go back and listen to the natural fast version – and your comprehension is being improved. OK, after you have listened to a few videos then YAPPR is going to ask you to pay! Well, before you do make sure you use the English for University. Com discount code which means that you can get a year’s access for $36. That’s not a bad price for a year’s access to some really good learning materials and a fun community. Take a look at EnglishYappr’s recent videos here and search until you find one that you’d like to practice your English with. If you do decide to subscribe then use the discount code PATCODE when you enroll to get your English for University. Com discount here!