Academic Vocabulary

In this post I am pointing you to a site from the University of Hong Kong (yes, another one, they have excellent English resources!) which is great for developing your subject specific vocabulary. It’s called Professional Word Web. You should follow the link and then choose the subject you want to study from the list on the left, you can choose from Business and Economics, Engineering, Law, Social Work and Idiomatic English. You will see texts which introduce target vocabulary. Then you can check the meaning of the word, its pronunciation and see it used in different contexts. There are exercises and games to reinforce the vocabulary too. This is a great resource and you should definitely make use of it. It’s here.

Students of British culture should be aware that it is time for the Wimbledon tennis championship to take over our TV sets. It is traditional for the British to get really excited about this, and start talking about the possibility of a British player winning. Of course we never do and we forget about tennis again until the following summer, which is why we don’t have any good tennis players!