Free university lectures online!

It’s quite easy to practise your ‘everyday English’ listening skills because you can hear English so easily on television and radio and on the street (if you are in an English speaking country that is!). However, it is harder to practise your academic listening skills which is why I’ve got this great link for you today. The link comes from a site called Lecturefox and has a big bank of really first class lectures from prestigious universities. I’ve just been watching a lecture entitled The City Car and it’s fascinating to follow. The City Car is a small car which you can use around town and when parked it folds up neatly into a row of other cars just as shopping trolleys slot into each other outside a supermarket. And like shopping trolleys the city car isn’t owned by individuals but just used and then left for the next person. Find a lecture that you like and watch it. Some lectures are videos (and those with videos have great slides too), some just audio and some have notes. This excellent resource for all sorts of students can be found here at Lecturefox.