less or fewer

Grammar focus: less or fewer Deciding whether to use less or fewer can be difficult. The confusion happens because you often see mistakes in public signs, for example like this one here: The sign is wrong! ‘Less’ is used with things that you don’t usually count, so this sentence is correct: A small car uses … Read more

Complex structures in academic English

One month into the lockdown in the UK and there are signs that people are going stir crazy. So there’s a good new phrase for you if you don’t know it – if you are stir crazy you are stuck in somewhere and you are desperate to get out. The government is beginning to worry … Read more

have yet to

Grammar focus: have yet to The phrase ‘have yet to’ can be confusing! The present perfect tense in English can be difficult at the best of times, and this phrase is another challenge for English learners. A student came to see me the other day with a letter that he couldn’t understand. He had applied … Read more