Writing a critical literature review

This example of a critical literature review from WRASSE at the University of Plymouth includes comments from a teacher. The comments show what the teacher likes about the student text. Check it out here: https://wrasse.plymouth.ac.uk/extract/academic-paper-review-arnfalk-p-et-al-2005-education-for-sustainable  

Write it in English!

Write your work in English! I was speaking recently to one of my students. I asked him how we was getting on with the report that he had to write for me. He said, “It’s going well. I’ve done it! I just need to translate it into English!” Oh no! I was lost for words! … Read more

Join two sentences with a semicolon!

Join two sentences with a semicolon Join two sentences with a semicolon! I know what you are thinking: a post from English for University. Com! That’s unusual! Yes, things have been pretty hectic recently meaning that I haven’t been posting much over the past few weeks. Well, now that I have nearly finished marking a … Read more

Proofreading your work

Proofreading your work The end of term is approaching and as coursework deadlines loom my students are looking pretty busy! Some are looking relaxed and smug (I guess those are the ones who started their assignments ages ago and have everything under control) whilst others have an air of panic about them. A lot of … Read more