Lectures with transcripts

TED.com Earlier this summer the weather was fantastic in England. In June we had day after day of sun for two weeks – and all the new students thought that the climate in the UK was great. Oh dear! Now we are back to normal. In Devon, in the south-west of England where I live, … Read more

Listening to lectures

Listening to lectures Many of my students tell me that they find it really difficult to follow their lectures. Some of them tell me that they think they can only understand 25% of what the lecturer is saying! Now that is a worry! My advice to my students is to try and do something about … Read more

Why the long face? The English we speak podcast!

‘The English we speak’ podcast Once a student asked me why I posted things about everyday English on my website for Academic English. I explained that I thought that you couldn’t hope to improve your Academic English without improving all aspects of your English. If you work on your everyday spoken English skills this is … Read more