TED.com at 75% speed during lockdown!

I hope that you are all well and managing with the lockdown! It is very challenging for lots of people, and a good opportunity for many of us to do things that we don’t usually have time to do, such as study a bit more. I have been spending more time on improving my French and one of the websites I’m using is TED.com. I have found some talks and I am listening to them at 75% of normal speed to help me understand them. A good TED talk can provide hours of excellent academic language practice. You can:

  1. Read the DETAILS section to get the overall topic of the talk.
  2. Listen to the first 3 minutes of it at full speed without any subtitles
  3. Read the transcript and look up new words for that section
  4. Read the transcript and listen to it at 75% speed (adjust it under SETTINGS) at the same time for that section
  5. Now listen to that section again at full speed without the subtitles
  6. Repeat for the next section of the talk (if you have time!).

You can even follow a reading list and comment on the talk as well. And it’s all FREE!

Here’s an interesting one you could take a look at:

Good luck everyone!