less or fewer

Grammar focus: less or fewer Deciding whether to use less or fewer can be difficult. The confusion happens because you often see mistakes in public signs, for example like this one here: The sign is wrong! ‘Less’ is used with things that you don’t usually count, so this sentence is correct: A small car uses … Read more

Situation, task, action, result, reflection

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. This post is primarily intended for my own students who will be starting to think about job interview assessments which we are going to do soon. I promised to send you a link about the STARR technique for answering questions in a job interview, and here it … Read more

What does might mean?

I thought I knew what ‘might’ means, but I could be wrong! This week the UK has been experiencing a huge political row about whether the Prime Minister’s chief advisor broke lockdown rules when he drove 260 miles to stay at another property, and then another 60 miles to ‘test his eyes’ for the long … Read more