Welcome to English for University. Com!

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English for University. Com is written by a university lecturer for international students who want to improve their English language skills. Read some articles, follow some links and sign up for regular posts to your inbox and get to grips with your Academic English skills!


What is Academic English?

What’s it like to study at university?

Get one and use it!

My GrammarLab review is here!

Improve your pronunciation skills!

Reading skills for university

Paraphrasing: try again!

A report or an essay?

Top links to external sites

Resources for Writing

Links to improve your listening skills

How to get your literature review right

Alphabetical index to this website

How to start your academic presentation

Study guides: quick and handy guides


English for University. Com really likes:
Writing for Assignments E-Library
English Vocabulary Exercises
The Academic Word List Gapmaker
Learn Higher
Prepare for Success