Situation, task, action, result, reflection

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. This post is primarily intended for my own students who will be starting to think about job interview assessments which we are going to do soon. I promised to send you a link about the STARR technique for answering questions in a job interview, and here it … Read more

What club are you going to join??

As you know I am always advising students to join clubs and societies. Well, last week I had an e mail from a student who I taught last year and this is it: Dear Patrick, this is …….. thank you very much for your help. I achieved a lot from your class in last year, but my … Read more

Culture shock!

I have met lots of new international students around the university this week: some happy, some lost, some confused, some anxious and many in shock!  ‘Culture shock’ is a well documented experience for people moving to a new country and affects most international students at some time or other. Even if you feel great now … Read more