What club are you going to join??

As you know I am always advising students to join clubs and societies. Well, last week I had an e mail from a student who I taught last year and this is it:

Dear Patrick,

this is …….. thank you very much for your help. I achieved a lot from your class in last year, but my speaking is improved slowly. The reasons could be I am shy and different culture as well. Most importantly, you were confused sometimes due to i did not share ideas in the class. I’m so sorry for that. A month ago, I have joined a club in Plymouth, which is …(Martial Arts club)……….. I meet many local people; have opportunities to show skills  and build confidence as well. this is just my a little experience. I would like to share to every international student. hopefully, it is useful. 

I promise that this is a real e mail and it shows what I secretly think – that mixing with home students outside the class is just as important as going to class! In fact it’s essential to understanding British culture and doing well in our educational system. But lots of students don’t realise this until late in the academic year – or they don’t realise it at all! Look at the list of student societies available at Plymouth University where I lecture. What are you going to join?