The Internet Grammar of English updated for Apple users! Androids must wait!!

I have posted about the Internet Grammar of English before and in case you don’t know it I’m going to mention it again because there’s been a pretty exciting development for Apple users. The Internet Grammar of English  has been around for some time. It was written by staff at University College London and is based on research of English usage.  I particularly like the exercises that it offers on things like countable/uncountable nouns – I think that even by doing just a few exercises like this students can really raise their awareness and eliminate some of the silly little mistakes that they make.

Now if you are an Apple user you can get this updated grammar on your mobile device – and the lite version is free. I’m pretty excited about this, but also disappointed! I have recently acquired a Motorola Xoom (an android alternative to the iPad) which is great. Hurry up with the android version UCL!