Proofreading your work

The end of term is approaching and as coursework deadlines loom my students are looking pretty busy! Some are looking relaxed and smug (I guess those are the ones who started their assignments ages ago and have everything under control) whilst others have an air of panic about them. A lot of my students are … Read more

Harvard style referencing

A quick post today to my students who are working hard on their reports. Many of you are asking me questions about Harvard style referencing:How do I reference from a blog? How do I reference from a speech? Well, the most important thing is that you give as much information about the source as you … Read more

Paragraph writing

Brrrr! I think I will scraping the ice off my windscreen tomorrow morning because the temperature appears to be plummeting outside. It seems that we are well into winter and my students look slightly panicked as their coursework mounts up. This post is to remind students about their paragraph writing as they write their coursework … Read more