Nouns get lonely in English!

I’ve been reading a lot of student work recently and I’ve seen a lot of sentences like this: Price of oil has risen steadily since last year. Quantitative easing stimulates economy but might cause inflation. Banker in the City of London earn far too much money. Can you spot the grammar mistake in each sentence? … Read more

Check your verb forms!

I have been reading (and marking!) a lot of student work recently. Here’s a sentence which I came across: The number of cars was risen 10% over the last five years…. You are right if you think this looks wrong – it is wrong! I see sentences like this all the time. The general structure … Read more

Check your subject-verb agreement!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: check your subject-verb agreement before you hand your work in! Even good students make silly mistakes which can have a negative effect on their readers. Take a look at this example sentence: Many immigrants who come to Britain works either in highly-skilled or unskilled jobs. of … Read more